Roche Cobas E411 Immunoassay Analyzer


Roche Cobas E411 Immunoassay Analyzer



The Roche Cobas E411 Immunoassay Analyzer is a fully automatic immunological powerhouse with a capacity of up to 88 tests per hour. Unleash unparalleled efficiency in your laboratory with the E411’s remarkable features that redefine diagnostic speed, accuracy, and workflow.


  • Swift Results: The Roche Cobas E411 sets a new benchmark with the shortest time to obtain final results among immunological analyzers, ranging from 9 to 18 minutes. This remarkable speed is attributed to the Enhanced Chemiluminescence (ECL) method, which provides a broader measurement range and greater sensitivity while requiring minimal serum quantities.
  • Continuous Sampling: Enjoy the flexibility of continuous sample addition at any process stage, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
  • Urgent Samples Handling: Prioritize urgent samples effortlessly with the STAT setting, ensuring critical cases receive prompt attention.
  • Effortless Programming: The unique programming concept simplifies the process—insert reagents, calibrators, controls, and serums into the instrument, and it’s ready to go. Barcode detection at startup enhances efficiency.
  • Diverse Test Range: The Cobas E411 offers a broad spectrum with over 75 tests across 7 indication areas. It streamlines diagnostics, eliminating the need for selective testing.
  • Ready-to-Use Reagents: Stored on a temperature-controlled drive, the Ready To Use reagents ensure optimal conditions for efficiency. They eliminate the need for preparation, emphasizing convenience in diagnostic workflows.
  • Automated Reagent Protection: Automatic opening and closing of reagents during each pipetting protect them from external influences, increasing reagent durability to an impressive 60 days.
  • Stable Calibration: Benefit from excellent calibration stability, significantly reducing costs associated with lot changes.
  • Reliable Results: The Clot Detection feature ensures the reliability of results by detecting clot formation, ensuring accuracy throughout the testing process.
  • Sample Integrity: Special single-use pipettors minimize the risk of sample transmission and contamination, enhancing result reliability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The analyzer accommodates serum, plasma, and urine samples, providing versatility in diagnostic applications.


Roche, a renowned leader in diagnostic solutions, brings you the Cobas E411 Immunoassay Analyzer. Globally trusted, Roche symbolizes excellence, delivering cutting-edge technology empowering labs with unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and diagnostic reliability. Elevate your standards with Roche.

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